Friday, January 25, 2008

Blogging Withdrawls....and RAIN!!!

Hola from rainy So Cal! I usually laugh at the weather reports here and all the "Storm Watches", but this week they're deserved. It's POURING!!! Last week I basked in the beauty of the 70 plus temps in January. Olivia and I got outside a lot on those days and just smiled as the sun shined down on us! But since Wednesday the skies have opened up and it has not stopped dumping! They gave this stat on Good Day LA this morning:

Total Rainfall since Jan.
L.A 3.86"
Seattle 3.25"

I laughed. Who sang it never rains in Southern California...blame it on Global Warming, or Climate changes, or whatever they're calling that these days.

I haven't posted anything since we arrived here. We have had such a fun time seeing our family and friends. Highlights have been, Olivia meeting everyone from cousins, to great grandparents, aunts and uncles, and her mama's friends and their kids, many meals at restaurants I miss, shopping, a visit to my old work, a first photo shoot, church at Copperhill, Liv turning 4 months old and her first meal of Rice Cereal (which she LOVED!). I have many pictures to post which I will when we get home (didn't bring my connector or card reader!).

Lastly, we get to stay until next Saturday...thank you Brian!! We had a one way ticket down - I think that freaked my husband out a little, especially when he saw the amount I was packing. I have joked with him that I'll be back when Winter ends (Yakima's low last night was 4!) but this rain is making me miss the snow a little! At least it doesn't get you soaking wet. We miss him and home a lot but are enjoying our time with everyone here. Even though the rain is a pain we're making the best of it and "soaking up" every minute we have. Tonight, will be my first night out with my girls Hollie, Trish and hopefully Jen to Mexicali in Studio City, one of my all time faves! Next week we hope to make more visits with friends and hit the Grove! It's been so fun seeing some of you and catching up in person instead of on blogs. We love LA, rain or shine!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

You Know You Don't Live in the Big City Anymore When...

this is the upcoming field trip for your MOMS Club group:

Title: Family Field Trip - Elk & Big Horn Sheep Feeding Stations
Date: Saturday January 12, 2008
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Naches
Notes: Meet at Chesterly Park (on 40th Ave.) northwest parking lot (near the skatepark) at 10 a.m. We will carpool/caravan out to the Bighorn Sheep and Elk feeding stations.
Due to liability reasons, our kids will not be able to go out in the trucks, but we will all hopefully get to see some huge bucks and rams and visit with friends.
DADS are invited too!
Bring your snow gear and join your MOMS Club friends on this fun excursion.

Thought you'd get a laugh.

Oh and a recent cute pic!

Lastly, Olivia and I are heading south - we need to thaw out! I'll be down in LA this coming Monday for about two weeks. I plan on spending time at my parents house and up in Valencia. I'd love to see as many of you as possible!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Post Baby Workout Day 1

I was single until I was 30, no children until I was 31. I pretty much would come and go as I pleased, ate when and what I wanted. Living in So Cal, I could workout in the morning or the evening whether it was winter (remember those cold early mornings walking the hills Hollie?) or summer (fall and spring don't exist there, I've learned this living in a seasonal state). I didn't have to worry about ill fitting sports bras that supported my milk supply or about fitting in my workouts around nap times or nursing. The biggest struggle I had was do I fit my workouts in before or after work, do go to the posh Paseo Club of which I was a member or use the plush gym my apartment complex offered? ahhh...such were the dilemmas of the day.

Cut to today. January 2008 living in snow with an infant. You can't go outside unless it is from your warm house, to your warm car, to another warm place, hence no walks until Spring. No gym membership, no exercise equipment at my disposal and some newly shifted body parts screaming for some exercise! Just a side note, this is not written to sound negative or like I am complaining, just trying to paint the picture, set the scene of how different my life looks now days!

Yesterday, I walked down to our basement, climbed over some boxes and there it was. My box of Tae Bo VIDEOS! Sure, I had been to the best, took classes from Billy Blanks himself (shout out to Alex and Julie! and Laura ask Dan about how he almost fainted in one when he, Michelle and I went once!)but today my spoiled LA body would do this via my basement, via my VHS (seriously) and with baby in tow. What a patient girl I have (and a captive audience). I chuckled to myself as I reflected on the current situation and wondered what my former life friends would say about me in this moment. Anyway, to make this very long story short, I did it. I threw the jabs, I round house kicked and I lunged. No excuses - funny how I made many of those in the past with exercise. Olivia sat, she watched, she laughed and made a fist when I made mine.

All that to say I resolve to do this throughout the winter at least three times a week. Just me and O, Billy and the basement and my trusty VCR. No fancy equipment, no memberships and no warm weather. Needless to say, my countdown to spring has begun - when I can break out the Baby Jogger and enjoy the outdoors! I used to visit Washington and laugh at the ones wearing shorts in 55 degree I live it and I can relate. Be careful what you wish for!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Bath Time!

Some fun pics of Olivia in the bath. I love this time with her...I find myself singing silly renditions of songs to her while I am bathing her. She smiles - it's funny the fools we'll make of ourselves for our children's entertainment.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Hollie!!!

Today is Hollie's birthday! She is someone that I am blessed to call a best friend. Since I'm not there to celebrate with her I will do it here and tell you these are the reasons why I love Hollie...

1. She loves the Lord HER God with all of her heart, soul, mind and strength and loves and serves others endlessly!

2. She calls or texts me frequently just to tell me that she misses me and loves me!

3. She has an infectious laugh and passion for life that I strive for!

4. She has introduced a host of what we call "Hollie-isms" into many of our vocabularies...let's hear 'em now!! "Hey Gyl" (could be spelled gil or gill and is said in a very high pitched voice), "Holla", "Holla Gyl" (see explanation above on spelling and voice), "Holla back Gyl", "Yah Gyl!", "That's Ug!", "For the Love!!", and the list goes on. We made a whole game of this at Hollie's birthday party 2 years ago!

5. She makes the BEST mix CD's!

6. She loves reality TV and blogging as much as I do.

7. She encourages me and others and she just "gets it"!!

Hollie is someone that I couldn't imagine my life without and I know many others are saying this today!

I love you girl and can't wait to see you soon! Enjoy your birthday and know that we are thinking of you. Wish I was there to hug you...Happy Birthday!