Tuesday, June 22, 2010

California & Father's Day

I didn't bring my camera to LA...I know, my fellow photogs are shuddering (no pun intended), but when you have two kids and double everything - stroller, car seats, airplane entertainment, sippy cups, you get the idea, to carry one more thing on the plane is just too much!  So I opted to leave it behind and thankfully Brian brought it when he came down to join us.  We got some (not many) and I took some with the phone so bear with me all you editing pros!

Malibu...we didn't stay for long but we felt the sand and water in our toes!

Eating lunch outside at Gladstones like the good LA tourist I am now!  I had the Ahi cobb salad...it was delish!

Malory ready for her first dip in the pool...sorry Mal I had this milestone on video for Olivia and you just got a crummy cell phone shot!

Lots of fun swimming

and hanging out with Gammy and Papa Dean!

We got to meet this precious girl...

my gorgeous niece Soraya...aren't those blue eyes to die for??

It was so fun to spend time with family and friends.  Most of all, I was thankful that Brian could come down for a couple days of rest from work and we could spend time together as a family!

These girls (and their mom) sure love their Daddy!  I am so proud to call him the father of my daughters.  He epitomizes what a man is...hard working, strong, and stable.  I always know everything is going to be ok with him by my side.  I waited a long time for God to bring me the man I had prayed for and it was more than worth it.       I love you Brian!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Miss Me?

I'm back!! We took a spontaneous two and a half week trip to California...more about that later!  Before we left we had an important event to celebrate...

another Andrea creation!

Some shiny pink shoes were in order!

(A sorta creepy, but fun) Elmo even made an appearance..

Wonderful friends!

Cake time!!

Family shot..before she dove in :)

ooooh yeah!!

Lovin it!

All clean with Gigi and Great Grandpa...they are so special!

3 of 4 grandparents...we missed you Dad!

The party favors!

The End!