Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eleven Months

I haven't posted any pics of Viva (that's what cousin Carson calls her!) lately. She is eleven months old today and lovin' every minute! She isn't walking YET, but stands without help and laughs. She likes to brush her teeth - she has two on the bottom and two on the top, but not the center ones (how perfect will that be for Halloween!?). She's eating everything still and now drinks a bottle exclusively (hooray!). Somedays I see her strong will and just pray for the strength to raise her right and channel her determination and persistence in the right direction. Oh boy, what an adventure awaits us!

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Ok, I tried to be creative and make this mosaic, click on it to see the full size. Sara, how do you make them full size on your blog entry?? Help!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Football Family

Today I am thinking a lot about my family in Florida as that big fat Fay Hurricane circles over them - gotta love livin' in the South y'all!! That picture above is of my nephew Brandon who plays Varsity Football for his High School Providence, in Jacksonville. He is a star athlete and a great student, we are so proud of you Brandon! Here is a story their local news recently did about his coach and the team. It's pretty powerful. Go Stallions!!!

Today I am thankful for my morning walk with Olivia and for the fall like weather!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hawaii Here We Come..

Look at those two, only minutes married and anticipating a life ahead as husband and wife! The next day we would hop a plane, two starry eyed honeymooners who's only worries were...oh please, we had no worries!! We were the ones with the shiny rings and the stupid smiles that would only lead strangers to ONE conclusion.

Cut to today. Almost two years together, but somedays it already feels like a lifetime since so much CHANGE has occured. For me NEW everything and oh yeah a CHILD! That little life that pretty much turned my world upside down, altered my view of the world and introduced me to a love I never knew existed. Gone is the bright eyed honeymooner, here is the teary eyed new mommy leaving her baby behind for a whole week! I am definitely looking forward to a lot of things on this trip - taking long showers, reading (really!), sleeping til 7am, maybe even 8, enjoying several quiet dinners and moments with my husband and soaking up the Hawaiian sun and sunsets!

I realize many of you moms reading this can relate. Remember the first time you left your first baby for the first time!? So this is where I turn to all my blogging mommies, even if I know you personally or not. I would welcome your words of wisdom, encouragement and years of experience you have on me. Please comment, I would appreciate it!!