Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two Months

Malory turned two months old on Tuesday! She is a growing girl.

Height - 22 inches (she was 19 1/4 at birth)
Weight - 12 lbs 9oz (she was 6 lbs 9 oz at birth)

She is doing what she is supposed to do and doctor says everything looks perfect. She smiles at us a lot and likes to watch and listen to her big sis, who is very helpful and nurturing I might add! One of her little tear ducts is still clogged, but should open up by about six months. She also definitely wants her needs met. Some evenings are challenging as she cries more than I remember Olivia at this age, but this too shall pass right? I know they grow up so fast, so all the swaying, rocking and holding doesn't bother me. I am thankful she is thriving and that we are adapting as a family of four. I really can't imagine life without her!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life Lately

I have been a little absent from the blog world lately. It seems like I blink and the weeks just pass me by. Our summer has been fun - full of sun, family visits, trips to the park, picnics and barbeques in the backyard and just enjoying being together. I truly appreciate the summer months now. Even though I find myself longing for fall when the temperatures really soar, I know I have to soak it in while I can!

First matching outfits...I'm not so into the matchy matchy but gotta do it once in a while

Daddy and Malory

Isn't she lovely??

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Malory's Birth Announcement

I know most of you who read this probably received one in the mail or saw it on Facebook but since I blog the memories of my kids I had to post this here too. This announcement was done by my amazing friend Andrea. Her friendship is such a blessing in my life. For years I encouraged her to start a business using her many talents. At first we didn't know what it would turn out to be (since she really is good at that many things!)...event planning, stationary, etc? So here she is years later busy as ever designing all things paper - invites for every occasion, announcements, etc and her business is growing rapidly (DUH!). Ok, shameless plug over.

Andrea you never cease to amaze me in anything you create. Thank you again for another great paper good :) The milestones of our life just can't be publicized with out you...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bye Bye Book Case

This weekend Brian knocked out this...

And now it looks like this...

The studs are gone now too. Still to come, drywall, painting and framing it in. That's right, I know all the carpentry lingo these days.

My kids slept long and sound during the demo. I'm all about sleep training with power tools, forget the tranquil sound machines!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

six weeks

Miss Malory Jayne graced us with her presence six weeks ago today. I really haven't stopped holding her since...not really, but I try to steal those moments when I can. She is a really good eater - I think she's almost doubled in size, a so-so sleeper - hey that just comes with the newborn territory and she loves to snuggle with anyone that is willing.

Here is her most recent photo, again in the bouncy seat, but that's the breaks when there's big sister to keep up with!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Poor Liv

Our great friends went camping and crabbing over the fourth and invited us over to share their prized catch.

We said of course, made salmon (my husbands salmon is amazing) and headed over for a rare weeknight out with our two small children (wow, how life has changed)

Livi took a bath beforehand and when she got out, slipped and fell on our tile floor - the sound of it was so loud :(

She got a bad bruise by her eye

But was a trooper and recovered fast - she sure makes her dad proud

Minutes later, she was helping Brian in the kitchen, got pepper on her hands and touched her eye...poor Livi, it just wasn't her night

Later we noticed her climbing halfway up the lattice in our friends' yard - a third accident thwarted. She is fearless - AKA Brian in training

Please pray for me.