Monday, October 11, 2010

Fair fun

The fair is a BIG deal in this town...think Academy Awards LA (well, not quite, but you get the picture!).  It's advertised for weeks and weeks and it really is all the rage.  I've noticed it's the first thing you get asked, "Have you gone to the fair"? - by your doctor, your barista, your hairdresser!  Wow, I guess I have been missing out the last 4 years!

It was fun to take our are some highlights!

Livi practicing on the pretend pony.  She was a little hesitant to go on the real thing!

Our little fearless one...first fair, first pony ride, no problem!  "Pony" she kept saying and "soft" as she pet it!

getting closer...


Micah and Liv checking out the bunnies...gotta love it!

Next chicks and should I be worried?  Isn't 3 a little too young even for this generation ;)

First fair ride...vrrooom!!

Not pictured first elephant ear and a covered wagon ride.  I never thought I'd be typing or knowing about those things.  Fun stuff!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I Heart Fall

The football, the leaves, the hot soups, the long sleeves...I love it all!  Growing up a So Cal kid I guess we had our fair share of fall days...they'd show up here and there, with a 100 degree day in between, just to remind us to not put away the t-shirts!  I really love this time of year.  It is my favorite!

So far our fall has been fun.  My mom came to visit for Olivia's 3rd birthday (a gift in itself - especially to me!).  I really love my parents and miss them so much.  My dad couldn't make this trip but we hope to head down there for Thanksgiving.  In a few weeks my sister is coming from Florida. We have not seen her in a year and a half which means she has never met Mal (only via Skype, I also heart technology!).  So fall has meant family which has left me a happy girl.

Here are some pics of my mom and Olivia at one of our local orchards.  In case you city slickers don't know that's what you do in the fall.  You go pick apples at an orchard, uh huh, fresh from the trees.  Did you know the apples you buy at your local grocery store were picked close to one year ago?  Crazy, huh?  Ok, enough of my random facts...on to the memories!

Don't know how that date stamp got there...ugh!

I love Liv's face in this one...we are pretty much all smiles when Gami is here!

Love it!

Love you Mom!!!