Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Princesses and Prints

Girls just wanna have fun!

One of our sweet friends from church bought Liv some dress up fun!!

Princess Olivia!

And a little zebra print for Malory...shouldn't every girl own some??

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Daddy

One of the things I love most about Brian is watching him be a Daddy to our girls. He is such a hands on and helpful dad and I could not raise our kids without him! I'm definitely a better parent because of him and I often tell people that he far supercedes me in this department. He has such a patient and loving spirit but doesn't withhold discipline when it is needed - he typically does this in a much calmer demeanor than I do! After working hard all day he never lacks in energy to come to my rescue, especially with Livi. My favorite part of the day is watching her little face light up when he walks through the door. I feel guilty lately when I don't seem as excited as she does to see him, but there really is a very happy heart behind my tired eyes!

I love you Brian. Thank you for enduring this stage of life with me. You are my rock and I couldn't imagine doing it with anyone else!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

That's My Girl...

sippin' on some Iced Venti goodness :)...we heart summer!

and she's doing fairly good in the lovin on 'lil sissy department!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Olivia wins again

For the second year in a row Olivia is the most popular name in Washington state for 2008. I really did not realize how popular it was when I had Liv but I couldn't imagine calling her anything else, she is an Olivia for sure!!

And pretty cute to boot!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Malory Jayne

I just love spontaneity...and my girl (and God) definitely knew I needed a little of it. One week ago today we had an ultrasound which told us that our daughter was breech - I had a feeling she was. My kids are rebellious even in the womb, I kinda like it that way. We circled the date, June 18th (my grandmas birthday), on the calendar and I quickly dialed my parents to give them the go ahead to get their plane tickets. I felt good, there was a plan.

Cut to Thursday, May 28th...it was a typical day around here. Meals, errands, swimming in Jill's pool. All week Brian had been working late but for "some reason" came home early. We were enjoying some fun family time, laughing, tickling, soaking up precious moments with Liv. Malory wanted in on the fun and boy did she make an entrance. I stood up and all the sudden felt the strangest feeling I think I'll ever feel...water just gushing out of me. It was so surreal, but so exciting! I panicked for a few minutes, called the doctor, called the parents, changed my pants, calmed my usually cool as a cucumber husband and we raced a whole block across the street to the hospital. Four hours later, there she was...

All 6 pounds, 9.2 oz and 19.5 inches of her. My C Section went so smoothly and hearing her first cry...ask any mom, there's no better sound. She was here. I just couldn't stop smiling and crying. It was such a happy moment and we were so thankful to the Lord for our precious new daughter. She has a beautiful black mane and the tiniest features I have ever seen...she is a doll. I am so thrilled to be her mother. Here are some more photos from our surprise birthday party! Welcome to the world Malory...we love you and are so excited to have you here sooner rather than later! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful and spontaneous entrance.

About ready to head to the OR! How handsome does my man look in scrubs!?

Lovin' on our little bundle

Instant love, I get it now, my heart officially split in two!!

Family of four :)


A special surprise visit from Auntie Jen from Cali and Aunt Mollie from Seattle, love you girls!!

Heading home...I love that place and get sad to leave - call me crazy.

Happy to be born :)