Friday, May 28, 2010


Sweet Malory,
One year ago today my heart split in two.  You have brought such joy to our home and our lives and we love you so much.  You have a beautiful twinkle in your brown eyes that lights up my every day.  Watching you grow and teaching you what life, so far, is all about has been so fun.  Your daddy and I thank the Lord for giving us such a precious gift. 

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


On Mother's Day our church held it's first ever baby/child dedication.  This is a time set aside for families to make important commitments before God and His people regarding raising kids.  We were among the first families to do so (Malory is actually the very first baby to be born at our church!) and it was such a special time. 

We promised, as parents...

To Pray for our children, for their growth in the knowledge of God and their spiritual lives
To train them in body, mind and soul so Love God and Love people
To lead them into a growing relationship with Christ

I couldn't help but feel the enormity of these, God would call me to this?  Did He have the right Jenny McCown? I am so privileged to be the mommy to these little girls.  Even in the everyday and the simple tasks, His purposes are being completely fulfilled in my role as a mom.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scenes from Seattle

I love this city...I know, it gets a bad rap for being grey and rainy, but boy when the sun shines...or even when it doesn't, there is something so special about it.  I love the green trees, the mountains and of course, the Starbucks on just about every block!  I like that we live close enough so we can visit (pretty frequently lately) and I can get my restaurant, shopping and freeway driving fixes, but it's nice to come back home to our smaller and slower paced town.  I have come to realize that we really have the best of both worlds!

Another Seattle start up and always a stop for me!

We visited the Children's museum!   I loved how hands on it was.. Livi could touch, push buttons (a toddlers dream) and play with everything

Markers, string and scraps of construction paper...nothing fancy but pure fun!

This is brilliant...never lose the caps.  I'm going to ask my handyman hubby to make one for us!

Checking out the zebras at the Woodland Park Zoo...

A "PW green photo" entry Andrea and Sara? :)

"Olivia" the Giraffe, yes we were this close...crazy!

Can't wait to go back, there's always so much to see and do! 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Dentist and other excuses...'s been a while since I've updated.  Here are some of my excuses...

a husband who has been working out of town a lot
a mobile baby which allows for very little sitting down
three trips to Seattle, two to visit Brian while he worked and one called "no babies and no boys" with some very fun girlfriends
a broken laptop...don't worry it quickly got replaced by a new desktop!

A few blog-worthy events did occur though!

Olivia had her first dentist appt!  She did so great, Allison, our hygenist (who also happens to be a good friend) said she was the best patient! 

 She was so brave!

I'll try and update with pictures of another special occasion window of time is over!