Thursday, March 27, 2008

Teething, Bumbo & Berry Cute!

My mom flew in on Tuesday (it was supposed to be last Saturday but she got real sick!) it is so good to have her here! She loves to be with her grandgirl - and is always a huge help to me. I am blessed to have two very young and active moms who can take over when I need a break!

Olivia is teething - no actual tooth yet, but she drools ALOT and wants to chew on anything she can get her hands on! For all you moms of teethers this is a great invention I got at Wal-Mart yesterday.

My friend Nicole told me about's a little toy to hold with a mesh bag attached to put frozen things in for baby to bite on ( I put frozen grapes). Props to the creator - obviously a mom who's hand got tired holding things in her kids mouth!

Lovin' the Bumbo!

And a "Berry Cute" (that's what the shirt says!) outfit from Aunt Shany in Florida!

Brian gets back from Alaska's been a long week without him! We miss him when he's away (which seems to be a lot lately) but are thankful for his hard work and dedication to provide for us. We love you Brian!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I had a fun first Easter with my girl. Brian is working in Alaska this week - miss you babe!! It was fun getting her all dressed up for church! She went in the Nursery for the first time (I'm a new mom, remember?) and did great. The ladies told me that she doesn't like to "relax very much"...nope, she's for play all the way!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Busy Girl!

Olivia will turn six months on Monday...halfway to a year! These last few weeks she has been rolling and rolling and rolling. She hardly sits still! And when she is sitting she is jabbering or growling (some of you have heard it, not very lady like but her dad thinks it is hilarious so she assumes everyone will!) or sucking her toes. Everyone told me how a little girl would ease me into motherhood since they are so mellow. Not this girl! I am starting to brace myself for crawling and the toddler years...

This morning at MOPS there was a little girl, at the table, around the same age just quietly sitting in her mom's lap, playing with a toy. Not Olivia! She wanted to be standing in my lap, looking around, talking (especially while the speaker was speaking!) and drinking out of my water cup, oh that was while she had a plastic spoon in her mouth. The other women at the table get the biggest kick out of her. The mentor mom at the table says she can't wait to see where her winsome personality takes her in life. She is turning out to be a pretty funny little girl and I'm enjoying every minute - but naps and bed time are fun too!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trunk Show

Last weekend I went Garage Sale'in with Cortney. It was fun...another sign of Spring. Unlike Cali, Garage Sale season in the Northwest begins this time of year. Unlike my former full-priced life, I was really excited to venture out and see what I would find. Living on a single income and having a 3200 square foot house to fill, and a growing and curious baby girl to clothe (not that she is lacking but you know me, always the shopper!) and entertain gives me lots to look for. I mentioned to Cortney the day before that I had always wanted an old trunk...I don't know why? I just love the look of them. So here it first big (but bargained) garage sale purchase of the season! Aren't you proud of me Jen??? I even added and angled my tray!

Apparently it is pretty old. Back in the day it was used for's fully lined and has all these neat compartments. I guess I'm pretty easily pleased these days.

OH and a special shout out to our little sister Mollie...we love you and are here for you! Hang in there and we had fun seeing you last night and look forward to this weekend!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday GiGi!

Today is Olivia's Great Grandma's birthday. Grandma is so special to all of us and we are so thankful that they live close by. We love to visit with them and are especially thankful when we get one of Grandma's yummy homecooked meals. There is nothing like dinner at Grandma's, she is THE best cook!

Grandma we love you and are excited to celebrate your birthday with you tonight!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bad Mommy


If you read this blog someday I owe you an apology. As my first born you deserve all the perks bestowed on that child - doting parents, all the "firsts", and LOTS of pictures taken and framed of you. I am sorry to say, while we're doing really good on the first two, your mom has been a slacker on the latter. It has taken me (count them) six long months to display a picture of you in our home - shame on me! And unfortunately in this digital age it is taking me longer to get photos printed! At least I've got the blogging down! Hopefully by the time you're big enough to read this I'll have my act together - many framed photos of you and a scrapbook done in your honor.

Love, Mommy

Just because...some fun photos for a Friday!

Fancy for Church!

Her hat for walks - it blocks those rays. Thank you Dana!

A new favorite to chew on!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This seems to be Olivia's new favorite phrase. She yells it loud and proud! Maybe because her times with Daddy have been fewer and farther between lately. Brian had to work in San Antonio (we missed you Tami and Addison!) so it was just her and I from Wednesday to Sunday. Of course she uttered her first word DA DA while he was out of town! Go figure!

So spring is in the air! I have been motivated to walk - A LOT! And have been spring cleaning around here (pick yourselves up off of the floor...). There's something so nice about opening the windows, smelling the air and dusting everything off! Olivia enjoys it I "wore" her while I worked.

If you could all see me now...vacuuming, mopping, and a Baby Bjorn. Gotta love modern day motherhood.

OH and a BIG shout out to my old co-workers from The know who you are and you know why I am giving you all a HUGE HOLLA!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Morgan!!

Today is our niece Morgan's 8th Birthday. Morgan is so special to Brian and I for many reasons. For Brian, she is the first born of his sister Jen, so she is his first niece and grandchild of the family. For me, it seems like just yesterday that I went to the hospital to see her after she was born. I remember being so excited to see my best friend have a baby! Morgan has such a sweet and gentle spirit and she is so kind and helpful to others. Plus she loves being a cousin to Olivia! I can already tell that Morgan is going to be a great Mommy by the way she cares for her baby cousin. I love all the pictures she draws for us and she wears some pretty cool glasses just like her Auntie Jenny!!

Morgan we love you and celebrate you today! Thank you for the example you have set for the other kids to are SO SPECIAL!!! See you soon!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Countdown to Kauai!

5 months from today Brian and I leave to go to our friends Jared & Cydney's wedding in Kauai! We are super excited and can't believe how blessed we are to be able to get back to the islands after just two years (our honeymoon was in Maui)! Their wedding will take place on 08-08-08 and we leave the sixth and return on the 13th.

This will be our first time away from Olivia for that long. Hopefully we'll all survive that.

153 days...but who's counting?!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Is it really March 1st...YAY! Spring here we come...ok, I know all my weather talk gets boring so I'll try to contain my excitement. Last night while Nana babysat (Hi Debbie!) and Brian volunteered at a basketball game for Young Life, Cortney and I went to the movies! It was so good to get out with a girlfriend and see a movie. I sank in my seat, crunched some 'corn, chewed my 'duds....ahhh, I felt like my old self. We saw Definitely, Maybe - it was cute and had some great tunes in it.

Ok Hollie I'm stealing your line, but today I am thankful for Nana who babysat our girl and a night out with a new friend!