Friday, August 31, 2007

Baby News

Our Olivia is thriving and growing...all 7 pounds of her! Or so the Dr says. By her guess, she already weighs that much and by the time she is born will probably be a healthy 8 pounder! 5 of which we're guessing will be cheeks :-).

She's still sitting upright which makes for lots of heartburn...oh the woes of pregnancy. All I have to say is props to the inventor of TUMS whoever you are.

All for now!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Primed and Ready...

Me (obviously, see last post) and our kitchen. I am so proud of the progress that I have to share. Plus, there are some pretty funny pictures of Brian's dad demonstrating how to prime the can tell Brian is really happy about that.

I am very thankful for Craig and his methodical painting techniques! Father/Son bonding at its best (and great laughs for Debbie and I).

Pretty Much Sums It Up!

Your Week 36
Well there’s no getting around it—you’re feeling like a beach ball! Driving will become more difficult, as will sitting in the front seat of a vehicle; going up and down stairs will start to feel like climbing a mountain! Even though you have a few weeks to go, your weight may stabilize around this time, so you won’t get much larger (whew!). Stay off your feet as much as possible to minimize swelling and cramping, and rest when you can :-).

Here's to all the mothers I know...I now have a new found respect for all that you went through, some more than once! How sweet it is!! :-)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Drywall and Tile and a Breech Baby, Oh My!

There's a lot happening in the McCown household these days....
We've begun (and quite successfully I might add!) a major kitchen remodel, just about finished a bathroom remodel oh and there's that baby coming in 4 weeks...never a dull moment around here!

I guess I should begin with the major and most recent news. Yesterday at my 35 week checkup we discovered that our little girl is sitting upright with her feet in the air! In more medical terms, she's breech or as her daddy says, already rebelling against her parents :-). It seems we have a future gymnast or yoga lover on our hands! I was a little shook up at first, being the new mom that I am, but have come to the realization that if I have to have a C-Section it's all in God's hands. There is a chance that she'll move down in the next few weeks, but if not I will be scheduled around 39 weeks...I'll keep you posted on that.

The kitchen is coming along right on schedule. Tell a contractor your 8 months pregnant and he gets the job done! Brian's grandpa graciously came to do all the electrical this week and they hung the drywall today! It's starting to look like a real room. I've attached some pics so you can see!

Ok, birthing class (Part 2) tomorrow...that could make for some good blogging! Love to all!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Welcome to My World

I love blogs. I could read people's blogs all day long, strange habit I know. I read blogs of people I don't know and ones that I do. I love to get glimpses of people's lives - there's people adopting children, publishing novels, or just those wanting to share the happenings of their days. Some say it's weird, I think it's cool.
I get called or teased for being on line a lot. I don't know what it is...maybe now that I'm far from my loved ones it's my way of still being connected to them, a part of their daily lives. I'm so interested in people, if they were a hobby that would definitely be mine. I love to see what excites them or makes them tick. I've always been that way - I love to share in their successes and walk through life with them. Blogging is great for this. So here is my attempt to connect you to my world.
There is no way I could recapture or put into words how my life has changed over the past year.
August 2006 - living in Los Angeles, I was a carefree Bride to Be working for a major entertainment company and planning that day that every little girl dreams of. I had that day and married an amazing guy.
August 2007 - living in Yakima, Washington, a far cry from the big city that I had only known and loved, one month from our one year anniversary and 6 weeks away from the birth of our first child, a daughter.
I told you, changes, major changes. I went from Hollywood to homebody, from popular to practically nobody and from city to country. Most importantly, I went from me, myself and I to wife and soon mother. Mother....Me? It still hardly seems real. I feel this life growing inside of me and still can't grasp the enormity of what is about to happen in our lives. People keep asking me if I am ready. I laugh and say are you really ever ready? My sweet mother in law gave me a card recently that said it matter how hard you try, you're never prepared for the love that grips your soul and captures your heart - never, ever to let go.
So, here it is - my attempt to share with you the happenings of being a new mom. The ups and the downs and the excitement of each day I watch her grow and change! I hope you enjoy it! I don't promise daily updates but hopefully enough that you feel connected to us as we embark on our new journey!

Stay tuned....