Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Welcome to My World

I love blogs. I could read people's blogs all day long, strange habit I know. I read blogs of people I don't know and ones that I do. I love to get glimpses of people's lives - there's people adopting children, publishing novels, or just those wanting to share the happenings of their days. Some say it's weird, I think it's cool.
I get called or teased for being on line a lot. I don't know what it is...maybe now that I'm far from my loved ones it's my way of still being connected to them, a part of their daily lives. I'm so interested in people, if they were a hobby that would definitely be mine. I love to see what excites them or makes them tick. I've always been that way - I love to share in their successes and walk through life with them. Blogging is great for this. So here is my attempt to connect you to my world.
There is no way I could recapture or put into words how my life has changed over the past year.
August 2006 - living in Los Angeles, I was a carefree Bride to Be working for a major entertainment company and planning that day that every little girl dreams of. I had that day and married an amazing guy.
August 2007 - living in Yakima, Washington, a far cry from the big city that I had only known and loved, one month from our one year anniversary and 6 weeks away from the birth of our first child, a daughter.
I told you, changes, major changes. I went from Hollywood to homebody, from popular to practically nobody and from city to country. Most importantly, I went from me, myself and I to wife and soon mother. Mother....Me? It still hardly seems real. I feel this life growing inside of me and still can't grasp the enormity of what is about to happen in our lives. People keep asking me if I am ready. I laugh and say are you really ever ready? My sweet mother in law gave me a card recently that said it matter how hard you try, you're never prepared for the love that grips your soul and captures your heart - never, ever to let go.
So, here it is - my attempt to share with you the happenings of being a new mom. The ups and the downs and the excitement of each day I watch her grow and change! I hope you enjoy it! I don't promise daily updates but hopefully enough that you feel connected to us as we embark on our new journey!

Stay tuned....


Deb said...

Great Idea, Jenny. How fun it will be to stay connected to all those you love. Way to go, country girl!! Love, MOM-IN-LAW

C. Leigh Purtill said...

Welcome to blogging, Jenny Bird! Can't wait to see pictures of the new baby! Good luck!! I hope everything goes smoothly...xoxo

Shannon said...

You must be REALLY bored...LOL!!!!
Love Ya!!

Yooli said...

YAY!!!! SO great to be able to keep in contact with you!! Hope all is well... I wonder who you know that wrote a novel? hmmmmm ;)

Dana said...

Hi Jenny!
It's so much fun to read all about your remodel and baby news. I have to say that it brings back fond memories of our days without a kitchen. Both Chuck and I agree that the food on the brown table looks like our house.
Keep up the news.
Happy 1 year anniversary, too!
Love, Dana

Laura said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks for posting on my blog! I have googled every combo of "you can take the girl out of the city" that I could think of and never did come up with your site, so I'm glad to have finally found it! Somehow I just didn't have a lot of faith that Jen and Sarah would ever get us hooked up =). I too am addicted to blogging and spend way more time here on this silly laptop than I should. But I love the way it helps me stay connected with new friends and old, near and far. I can't wait to see that precious girl of yours, and hope that even at the last minute she might decide to cooperate and give you an easy normal birth! Congratulations!