Monday, November 15, 2010


Oh my heavens, I am a bit behind these days...the blog is a good reflection of my life in general, I guess.  Always a bit behind in my day to day tasks, my schedule (I like to think I have some semblance of one) and my walk with the Lord.   I am thankful for the quiet moments, like now, just to sit and think, dwell on my day, reflect, and pray.  I don't get enough of this, but I know it's life...we are to be hard working, busy, purposeful and productive!

Weekend before last we took a little family hike.  We packed up the girls and the gear - backpack, snacks, sippy cups, jackets, hats, the list goes on.  It was just a short drive from our house, but it felt like a little escape.  It was a beautiful fall morning.  We slowed down, we caught up and we enjoyed being together!

I told you, beautiful! 

It's hard to believe it'll be covered in white soon...I think I'm ready (at least I keep telling myself!)

I'm never too far from my husband had to prove this by taking a pic of me texting or something on an old bridge in the middle of nowhere!

He can be a smart aleck sometimes...but oh how I love him!

and her.  The threes have shown themselves to be a bit more challenging than the twos.  But we're workin' at it.  God knew just who needed to be her mommy and I'm up for the task...there's no other job I'd rather have!

Monday, November 1, 2010

More fall

It's been a busy few weeks...

Aunt Shanny came from Florida!!  It was such a special time...I love my sister and miss her more than ever!

We did a lot of shopping, laughing, eating out...I even got to see a movie, in the theater (can't even remember the last time I did that).  It was a girly one, even better with your sister :).  There is such a comfort and ease being with your family.  The timing of her trip was perfect and I tried to soak up every minute...we even kicked Brian downstairs so we could lay in bed and laugh and watch HGTV!  Bliss, I tell ya.

We took her to a "real" pumpkin patch.  First stop...

the warm, fresh pumpkin donuts...there are no words, just drool

there were lots of cool antique looking props that made for good photo opps...can you tell we read a lot of Dr Seuss around here?

Family photo in the orchard

Corn Maze!!

The cutest pumpkin in the patch!!

Thanks for coming sis..I know it was a big sacrifice for you!!  It meant so much to me and my family.        WE LOVE YOU!!!