Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happenings at our house

We have had an unbelieveably mild winter (sorry to all my midwest and east coast readers)...no complaints here.  The sun has been shining and the temps hovering around 50 (still brr to you Cali's but here that is Spring) so we've taken some walks

Olivia hasn't been giving me many smiles for the camera lately, so I had to jump at the chance!  This was the happy before shot, after the walk not so much, but we finished!

Sweet Malory is turning 9 months this week.  She weighs 20 lbs and her first tooth just broke through.  Her milestones are little later than O's were, probably because she was born a whole month early.  She is not crawling yet, but as a seasoned mom now (ahem), I know that mobility means much more work, so I am happy to delay that!

Last week we celebrated Brian's grandparents 58th Anniversary, here's a picture of the happy couple...

We love them !!

And here we are...3 years down

only 55 more to catch up! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love, Love, Love!

Valentines Day 2010

The heart o' candy by Brian

The Cards

The heart pancakes

The Flowers

The Oldest

The Youngest

The End!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I love my MOPS group.  In case you don't know MOPS stands for Mothers Of  PreSchoolers, more than likely there is one in your city or town.  It is such a great place to connect with other women that are going through the same crazy and hazy stage of life you are.  I really feel at home with these women because they just meet me where I am at and are always ready to laugh, cry or pray with me.  It is such an encouraging group and I appreciate the friendships I have made through MOPS!  When I was a new mom in a new town, these women ministered to me big time..they visited me, supported me and made my family meals.  We barely new each other, but they loved on me like we had been friends forever. 

Last night was the annual Valentines Dinner, it was a great time.  I got to wear lipstick, earrings  and clothes without spit up stains...that is rare these days.  The speakers, once again, were the Pritchards and they always have a way of reminding us that you can't be great parents until you are a great couple, a strong marriage is going to be the foundation for your family.  I can't ever hear that enough,  I am thankful for this couple and their mission to help build stronger marriages which will make better families.

This is one of my Yakima besties, Cortney...our oldest kids are a month apart and she has another on the way.  I first met Cortney when she brought me a meal after Olivia was born and when she left my house, I knew we were going to be great friends. I love when you have that instant chemistry with someone, Cortney and I just get each other and she has been such a faithful friend to me!

My friend Andrea..she is way cool.  Check out her blog if you get a chance.  This girl can write!  Oh and she's having a baby too...are you noticing a trend here?  hmmm what is in the Yakima water?

Dar..my mentor mom this year, she rocks!

This is Brenda.  We led a table together last year and really connected.  She is such an encourager and lives her faith out.  I love how real she is, oh we could talk for hours!

I love these girls!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mom and Dad

Last week my parents visited from So Cal!  My mom gets up here quite often (thank you Virgin America!) but to have my dad here is always super special.  The last time he came up was a year ago for my ultra sound and he had only spent a handful of days with Malory, they quickly bonded.

They have had quite a year, my mom and dad.  As some of you know, my dad is in the auto industry, which was hit (pummeled paints the picture more accurately) hard by the dark cloud known as the "economy".  They took it in stride though, almost lost their home, but trusted God, all they could, along the way.  It was (and is) a tough road to walk with them, I couldn't imagine working as hard as they have the past 35 years and barely keeping their heads above water.  I admire their perseverance and their unwavering faith during this trial...please pray for them if you remember as a lot of questions still remain!

My mom and dad are wonderful parents and even better grandparents...here's some proof: