Monday, January 31, 2011


I do a little happy dance when January is over.  It just seems like THE looooongest month!  Although, this winter thing is definitely growing on me.  Sure, it's cold and gray pretty often, but it's fun to play in the snow and I've even driven more than I have in years past.  Yay me!

This month we had a few fun trips.  One overnight to Seattle where we got to stay downtown at the Hotel Monaco.  4 stars for $75, thank you Priceline!  Oh how I love a nice hotel.  I'm such a sucker for the fancy soaps and comfy beds.  We also got to spend a few days in Portland.  Once again, Oregon does not disappoint.  Our hotel had an INDOOR pool - this is exciting to me, maybe because in California this is an anomaly.  A pool housed with a roof and walls?  Who knew...

I got to introduced to this wonderful piece of machinery:

Coffee and tea packaged in these tiny round containers, add a little water and voila!  A little bit of tasty for one!

So, all that to say January isn't as bleak as she once was, but I certainly welcome the shorter February and then straight on til March!!

Til then we'll eat a little more snow...

and make a few more angels...

 See ya next year January!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Basement

Until I moved to WA and bought this house, I don't know that I had ever been in a basement.  In California, we don't have basements....we have attics and garages, but no basements.  I understand, they can be kind of dark, a little scary, ours has even been referred to as the "dungeon".  Yes, it is underground and a little mysterious, but hey, we have come to appreciate the beauty of a basement.  It stores your stuff, it keeps your kids toys out of the living room, and it stays really cool during the hot summer.

2011 is the year of the basement...we want to make it bright and liveable and a place where we can enjoy, watch movies and entertain.  First up, the family room. 

Demo..done!  Remember that lovely wood paneling and dropped ceiling...all gone.
I'm laughing at all the random things in the room...the bumbo, the recliner, the tea cup

New electrical...I know, so exciting right?

The old lighting and the lovely laminate flooring...oooh ahhh.  Soon to be replaced by carpet, my feet feel warmer already!

Next up, insulation,drywall, and paint...oh my!  It's a process people, a very lengthy one.  At times I feel like home owning is a little over rated and lotsa work but the outcome will be worth the effort says my always-positive husband.  Gotta love him!